Team Warren

    I have been around dogs my whole life, my earliest memory's start from when my mother bought a Catahoula Puppy. My father is a hound hunter and so it was never uncommon for us to have 12 plus dogs on the place. When I was 5 my parents bought me a Smooth Hair Fox Terrier, that I named Peanut. In August 2004, when I was 7, we moved from our wet rainy little 10 acre farm in western Washington to the hot dry sagebrush hills of western Idaho. Our property is more than 200 acres of ponds, sagebrush hills, hay fields, cottonwood forest and a small river that runs along the edge. In the fall of 2008 I briefly got interested in sleddogs, I did little research and wasn't really that into it thinking there wasn't much possibility of being a musher my interest faded. One year later we were getting ready for a trip to Alaska and my brother Garrett started to get interested in sleddogs. I fed off his interest and we began to get more into it. not very long after this my dad got the episodes of the Iditarod and we watched them and thus found out what an Alaskan husky was. When we got to Alaska we were constantly on the look out for dogs for sale. My parents decided to try and get a Husky or 2 for Garrett for his birthday, but never saw a dog that would really work. Finally when we started for home I  had pretty much gave up the idea of Garrett starting his team while we were on our trip. We drove back down and had a good 8 hours left when we stopped at Josi Thyr's kennel in the panhandle of Idaho. Garrett had seen some dogs he was interested in on her website. He ended up buying a sweet friendly Alaskan female named Zorra and a shy white Seppala male named Hadrian. Four months later Zorra gave birth to 5 puppies, I kept a black Female named Steele,and mom kept a brown male named Cobalt. From there Garrett's kennel grew and grew. I slowly lost interest in mushing, until the following winter I began running 3 or four of Garrett's dogs around our property with a gangline mad out of leashes and a cracked up old sled. I ran them everyday until they finally got bored of the one mile loop and refused to go. Again I sort of lost interest until Garrett entered his first race, The Darby Dog Derby. It was seven hour drive to Darby, Mt. and we were staying at some friends house. The first day I got very excited and I began talking over the possibility with mom of me running a 4 mile sprint in march. By the second day I was completely hooked. When we got home I began to do regular 4-8 mile runs with 3 dogs. A few weeks later we went to Garrett's second race, The Junior Race to The Sky. As the race progressed, after watching the mushers, I became convinced I wanted to do long distance. Once home with one month tell the race we trained steadily. I was very excited, but also quite worried, what if my team wouldn't pass another team? What if they wouldn't want to turn around? I had been suffering from these problems during training runs and was concerned they'd pull the same stunts at the race. When the race finally arrived I was bursting with excitement and couldn't wait for it to start. Unfortunately for me the race started at 2:00 Pm and it seemed to take forever to come around. I was off first and I had a pretty good start and I couldn't believe how fast they went. It seemed to go by quickly and I finished in 3r. The funny thing is that everything that happened I had never expected and what I had worried about never happened. I never expect to crash, yet I did every time I went around one steep corner. Overall I had a great time and left the race dreaming of longer ones. Since then I have ran the first half of the race to the Sky before I had to scrach and completed to other races. I have a an awesome litter of pups which will be replacing the weaker links of my team. Overall I am greatly looking forward to next season and have big hopes.